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Immunodepletion is a method for removing a target molecule from a mixture. One common application is to split a complicated mixture (such as serum, cell lysate, homogenized tissue or conditioned media) into two batches, then subtract a targeted molecule from one batch by immunodepletion. The control and depleted batches can be then tested side-by-side in a biological assay and the effect of the depleted compound is discerned by comparison. Depletion typically begins by adding an antibody targeting the molecule of interest and then following with either protein A or anti-IgG Sepharose™/agarose. After mixing, the samples are centrifuged and the supernatant is saved as the depleted (or control) product.

Let Protein Mods conjugate your antibody to agarose directly so you can save time and achieve higher depletion levels compared to using a secondary precipitation agent.

In addition to services, Protein Mods offers a number of proteins conjugated to agarose for your immunodepletion needs

Negative controls available in our catalog: