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Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a technique where fluorescent proteins (typically antibodies) are used to quantify proteins on individual cells. A mixed population of cells is incubated with a number of different antibodies, each antibody having been labeled with a different fluorophore. The flow cytometer streams the cell mixture past a number of lasers. Each laser produces light of a discrete wavelength and therefore each laser primarily excites one fluorophore. The resulting fluorescence from each cell is measured at a number of wavelengths. The amount of fluorescence at a given wavelength indicates the amount of corresponding antibody bound to that particular cell. Flow cytomery is commonly used in immunological research, since leukocytes are classified according to cell surface receptors.

Protein Mods’s has developed antibody-labeling methods with typical return yields of >90%. Do not waste precious antibodies with one-size-fits-all labeling kits.

In addition to services, Protein Mods also offers a number of proteins modified with fluorescein, tetramethylrhodamine, and CY5.5 for your flow cytometry needs. Additional fluorophore options are available upon request.

Negative controls available in our catalog: