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Immunoprecipitation is a technique for isolating small quantities of targeted molecules from a complex mixture such as serum, cell lysates, homogenized tissue or conditioned media. Typically, an antibody targeting the molecule of interest is added to a mixture. This is followed by the addition of agarose beads conjugated to either protein A, protein G, or anti-IgG.  After mixing and centrifugation, the supernatant is removed and the pellet saved as immunoprecipitated product. Molecules that co-precipitate are potential binding partners.

Let Protein Mods conjugate your antibody to agarose directly so you can save time and achieve higher precipitation levels compared to using a secondary precipitation agent.

In addition to services, Protein Mods offers a number of proteins conjugated to agarose beads for your immunoprecipitation needs

Negative controls available in our catalog: