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Western Blotting

Western blotting (immunoblotting) is a technique that uses antibodies to identify specific proteins. Creating a Western blot typically requires several steps: electrophoresis, transfer, blocking, probing, and finally detection. Protein mixtures are first run on an electrophoretic gel. The proteins from the gel are then transferred (usually with the help of an electric field) to a membrane made of polyvinylidene fluoride or nitrocellulose (the blot). Blots are then “blocked” with BSA or non-fat dry milk to reduce non-specific binding. Blots are typically first probed with an unmodified primary antibody and then with a fluorescent or enzyme-linked secondary antibody.

Let Protein Mods save you time and reduce the background on your Western blot!  We will attach CY5.5 (a LICOR™ compatible fluorophore) or horseradish peroxidase (HRP) to your primary antibody. There will be no more secondary antibody incubations or washes, and no more worrying about artifacts caused by non-specific binding of  secondary antibodies.

In addition to modification services, Protein Mods offers a number of useful reagents modified with CY5.5 or HRP to help you prepare better a better Western blot.

Negative controls available in our catalog: