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Agarose, molecular biology grade



Uses: Gel electrophoresis of DNA, RNA and other biomolecules.

Storage: Room temperature. Keed dry.

Product code: AGS50

Moisture: < 7%

EEO (electroendosmosis): <0.13-mr

Sulfate: <0.20%
Gelling temp (at 1.5%): 36 C (plus or minus 1.5 C)
Melting temp (at 1.5%): 88 C (plus or minus 1.5 C)
Gel strength (at 1%): 1200 g/cm2
Gel strength (at 1.5%): 2500 g/cm2
DNase: none detected
Rnase: none detected
Protease: none detected
Endonuclease: none detected