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product code: B5S

max excitation: 650

max emission: 670

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Karimian, Tina, et al. “A Simplified and Robust Activation Procedure of Glass Surfaces for Printing Proteins and Subcellular Micropatterning Experiments.” Biosensors 12.3 (2022): 140.

Hager, Roland, et al. “Subcellular dynamic immunopatterning of cytosolic protein complexes on microstructured polymer substrates.” ACS sensors 6.11 (2021): 4076-4088.

Hager, Roland, et al. “Microcontact Printing of Biomolecules on Various Polymeric Substrates: Limitations and Applicability for Fluorescence Microscopy and Subcellular Micropatterning Assays.” ACS Applied Polymer Materials 4.10 (2022): 6887-6896.

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