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Recombinant Protein G, Sepharose-(Highly Crosslinked for FPLC)


This highly crosslinked bead is more durable than our standard agarose bead. Amounts refer to 100% bead volume. For example: the 1 ml sized product is provided as 2 ml of a 50:50 slurry.

product code: PGGH

6% agarose bead
Bead size is 50-150 microns
Stable to pH 1.8 in the short term (store at pH 4-13 long term)
Maximum flowrate >1,000 cm/hour *
Maximum pressure >300 kPa *
Stored in 20% ethanol

*assumes 15 cm bed height. Vales are the flow rate or pressure withstood by beads without the bed collapsing or experiencing a back pressure exceeding 1 MPa.

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