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We offer antibodies that were generated with phosphopeptide immunogens. These peptides correspond to protein regions that exist in both phosphorylated and unphosphorylated states depending on the activation level of the protein. These antibodies do NOT bind to unphosphorylated peptides, and are therefore good indicators of protein activation levels. Please note that unmodified versions have been tested in applications as stated in product details. Modified versions are lightly modified to preserve binding properties, but have not been subsequently tested. As in all research, the end user is advised to use appropriate positive and negative controls. Larger quantities are available at a discount. Inquire for details. We also offer a custom service to produce IgY antibodies specific for your phosphoprotein. This service includes two affinity purification steps: one step to isolate only the antibodies that bind to your phosphoprotein, and another step to remove antibodies that also bind the unphosphorylated version. The price for this service starts at $1900.