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Antibody production

Protein Mods offers affordable and convenient services for antibody production in chicken eggs. All services include immunization of two hens, purification of total IgY, and ELISA testing to confirm binding to the antigen.  You will receive a minimum of 600 mg of  total IgY and 5 mg of pre-immune IgY for control. There are three ways to order.

1. Complete the antibody service–customer supplied immunogen form, and send us the immunogen.

2. Complete the antibody service–vendor supplied immunogen form, and direct us to a commercial source for the immunogen.

3. Complete the antibody service–peptide immunogen form, and we will synthesize a peptide that corresponds to your desired protein antigen.

Send completed forms to sales@proteinmods.com. Before filling your order, we will call to confirms costs and answer any questions. The cost is $550 and an additional $125 if you would like up to 20 mg of your antibody modified with FITC, TMR, CY5.5, thiol, biotin, HRP or Sepharose. There is an additional charge of $490 for the design and synthesis of a peptide and its conjugation to KLH.

Turnaround time is 60 days with an additional 15 days for orders requiring peptide synthesis. Please inquire for rush orders.

We also offer antigen-based affinity purification and phospho-specific antibody production . Please inquire for details.