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Peptide Synthesis

Protein Mods provides affordable and convenient custom peptide synthesis. For example, a 15-amino acid peptide at 90% purity at the 5-10 mg scale costs just $370.  Add $23 per amino acid for longer peptides. Add an additional $9 per amino acid for triple the quantity (20-30 mg). Higher and lower purity levels are available. Download our order form to see how this can increase or decrease costs.

Available modifications and pricing surcharges:

N-acetylation  $75

C-amidation $75

N-biotinylation $75

N-terminal fatty acid $75

N-terminal fluorescein $225

KLH or BSA conjugation $225

phosphoserine $305

phosphothreonine $305

phosphotyrosine $305

Multiple antigenic peptide (MAP) $275

All products are provided with HPLC chromatograms to confirm purity and mass spectrometry analysis to confirm identity.

Ordering is easy. Complete our simple peptide synthesis form and email or fax it back to us. We will call to confirm pricing and acquire payment information.