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Recombinant Protein Production


  • Construct design:  You provide the sequences; we will use custom primers to create the construct. Codon optimization is included.
  • Transformation and screening: We will transform our E.coli strain and select for high expressing clones. We will sequence promising clones to validate protein sequence. We also offer the use of degenerate primers and microscale production if you wish to optimize your protein sequence.
  • Small or large scale: From a simple Erlenmeyer flask to our largest fermenter (70 liters) we produce proteins in quantities ranging from milligram to kilogram.
  • Purification:  We offer a number of purification options.  Affinity chromatography is one of our specialties.
  • Analysis and reporting:  You will talk directly to our production scientists to follow the status of your project.  SDS PAGE documents each step of the production process from crude extract to purified product. Additional analysis methods are available.

Superior E.coli

We employ a proprietary E.coli strain designed specifically for protein production.

  • Improved genetic stability:  A number of endonucleases and DNA methylases have been deleted.
  • Higher metabolic efficiency: Deletion of unnecessary genes means more metabolism is devoted to production of your protein.  In some instances, the desired protein comprised 50% of total cellular protein.
  • Increased success with difficult genes: Cloning artifacts are eliminated as insertion sequence transposition and plasmid rearrangement are blocked

Best Price

The high expressing E.coli, its simple genetics, and our affordable Midwest location mean we can offer the best prices in the biotech industry. Call or email today to talk directly with a production scientist about furthering your project.

Single-chain antibodies (scFv)

A fusion of light and heavy chain immunoglobulin components is called a single-chain antibody, or single-chain variable fragment. Such proteins can be expressed recombinantly and still maintain the antigen-binding characteristics of IgG’s.  We have experience expressing scFv’s at the gram scale and are adept at optimizing their sequence for desired characteristics.